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Socially Awkward

With all these social networks, internet sites, and technical gadgets, it’s hard to find a healthy balance for life, work, and most important God. This post was inspired by a conversation I’ve had with many of my close friends. I … Continue reading

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Driving Miss Who?

Is it me or does everyone seem in a rush, especially when driving? Maybe it’s because I lived in a small town in the South for a while, but I feel like every time I get in the car I … Continue reading

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&Let Us Pray: part II

 Since we already discussed why we should pray. This time I want to discuss the habit of spending alone time with our Heavenly Father. Like with most habits, you must repeat the action to make it a natural practice in our … Continue reading

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&Let Us Pray: part I

I wanted my first study to be on prayer. I think a lot of us talk a lot about God, some people read about God, but I don’t think we spend enough time talking to God. So first, let’s discuss … Continue reading

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Life Changer

I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood. Surrounded by thugs, gangs, prostitutes, drugs, etc. there was definitely no room for religion in this acquired lifestyle- or survival. I ‘grew up’ in a church however; I only remember attending church … Continue reading

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